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Shaggy Rugs

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Shaggy Monte Carlo RugsMonte Carlo7 designs available...from £19.00Shaggy Riva Shaggy RugsRiva Shaggy18 designs available...from £29.00Shaggy Splendour Deluxe RugsSplendour Deluxe15 designs available...from £35.00Shaggy Gravel RugsGravel7 designs available...from £359.00Shaggy Cross RugsCross1 design available...from £459.00Shaggy Arctic OCR RugsArctic OCR2 designs available...from £47.99Shaggy Sable RugsSable10 designs available...from £12.50Shaggy Impulse RugsImpulse7 designs available...from £39.99Shaggy Monte Carlo RugsMonte Carlo16 designs available...from £24.99Shaggy Amazon RugsAmazon4 designs available...from £99.99Shaggy Pebbles OCR RugsPebbles OCR5 designs available...from £159.99Shaggy Haven RugsHaven11 designs available...from £35.00Shaggy Chameleon RugsChameleon10 designs available...from £39.00Shaggy Lotus RugsLotus28 designs available...from £24.99Shaggy Cosmo RugsCosmo9 designs available...from £22.00Shaggy Dumroo RugsDumroo10 designs available...from £99.00Shaggy Metallica Shaggy RugsMetallica Shaggy4 designs available...from £49.00Shaggy Sparkle 2 RugsSparkle 27 designs available...from £69.00Shaggy Glamour RugsGlamour7 designs available...from £69.00Shaggy Whisper RugsWhisper17 designs available...from £37.99Shaggy Torino  RugsTorino 4 designs available...from £69.00Shaggy Riva Shaggy Belgium Chocolate RugsRiva Shaggy Belgium Chocolate1 design available...from £29.00Shaggy Haze RugsHaze3 designs available...from £119.00Shaggy Soul Multi RugsSoul Multi1 design available...from £389.00Shaggy Tashen RugsTashen7 designs available...from £199.00Shaggy Kura RugsKura3 designs available...from £199.00Shaggy Berber RugsBerber3 designs available...from £139.00Shaggy Plush RugsPlush12 designs available...from £89.00Shaggy Edge RugsEdge6 designs available...from £49.00Shaggy Caress  RugsCaress 8 designs available...from £49.00Shaggy Fusion RugsFusion6 designs available...from £99.00Shaggy New Faux Flokati RugsNew Faux Flokati3 designs available...from £14.99Shaggy Jazze RugsJazze9 designs available...from £25.99Shaggy Rainbow & Shadow RugsRainbow & Shadow17 designs available...from £18.50Shaggy Viscose RugsViscose8 designs available...from £39.99Shaggy Cosmos RugsCosmos13 designs available...from £29.00Shaggy Sheepskin With Flair Natural RugsSheepskin With Flair Natural6 designs available...from £49.99Shaggy Alpine RugsAlpine2 designs available...from £59.99Shaggy Elegant Style Luxury Shaggy RugsElegant Style Luxury Shaggy6 designs available...from £59.00Shaggy Jasmine RugsJasmine5 designs available...from £69.99Shaggy Goa Shaggy RugsGoa Shaggy4 designs available...from £144.99Shaggy Opus RugsOpus8 designs available...from £29.00Shaggy Kelp RugsKelp16 designs available...from £99.00Shaggy Mardi Gras RugsMardi Gras6 designs available...from £19.00Shaggy Arctic RugsArctic8 designs available...from £149.00Shaggy Shetland RugsShetland4 designs available...from £99.00Shaggy Rainbow & Shadow RugsRainbow & ShadowShaggy Jasmine RugsJasmineShaggy Electra RugsElectraShaggy Riva Shaggy Wild Mink RugsRiva Shaggy Wild MinkShaggy Riva Shaggy Precious Ivory RugsRiva Shaggy Precious IvoryShaggy Riva Shaggy Natural RugsRiva Shaggy NaturalShaggy Riva Shaggy Norwegian Moss RugsRiva Shaggy Norwegian MossShaggy Riva Shaggy Purple Hart RugsRiva Shaggy Purple HartShaggy Riva Shaggy Love Red RugsRiva Shaggy Love RedShaggy Riva shaggy Warm Sienna RugsRiva shaggy Warm SiennaShaggy Riva Shaggy Ocean Teal RugsRiva Shaggy Ocean TealShaggy Sable 2 RugsSable 2Shaggy Vista RugsVista

Shaggy Rugs

A popular alternative to traditional and leather rugs are shaggy rugs, available in various materials, designs, and style. These shrugs are created by knotting individual strands or strips of the material onto a backing. Shaggy rugs come in either long or short strands, or as a combination. While shaggy rugs have been created by skilled craftsmen for centuries in various parts of the world, they are now made by machines as well. Shaggy Rugs are mainly used to decorate floors. These exceptionally soft rugs are much sought after by many people looking to add a unique look to the interiors of their home. Shaggy rugs are made from natural substances such as cotton, leather, and suede or from synthetic material such as acrylic, nylon, faux fur and polypropylene. They can be found in a range of colors, textures and materials to suit any taste and decor. For those who wish to purchase organic products, a shaggy rug made from cotton is the ideal choice. Cotton shaggy rugs are easy to clean and maintain. You will find a collection of contemporary and designer shaggy rugs of the highest quality in vibrant shades of red, yellow, green and natural colors online at an incredibly affordable price.

If traditional rugs are not what you want in your modern home, there are still a lot of different classy rugs that you can choose from such as contemporary rugs or wool rugs. On one hand, you have the leather rugs like raw hide rugs and sheep skin rugs. On the other, you have shaggy rugs and shaggy rug runners. It is hardly surprising that shaggy rugs are more popular of the two.

Even in shaggy rugs, you have a number of choices. You can get shaggy rugs made from synthetic materials like acrylic, nylon and polypropylene. This is the best choice if you are looking for budget rugs. If you want natural fibres, you can get cotton shaggy rugs. Finally, if leather or suede is what you are interested in, you can even get shaggy rugs in these materials.

Shaggy rugs are made by knotting individual strands or strips of the material onto the backing material. You can get shaggy rugs with long strands and short stands and even those that combine the two. While these days, shaggy rugs can be machine made, especially in the case of those made with artificial fibres, originally, shaggy rugs were knotted by skilled craftsmen using their bare hands.

Shaggy rugs have been made for centuries in some parts of the world. For instance, shaggy rugs such as Flokati rugs were made in ancient Greece. At that time, these shaggy rugs were worn by warriors travelling to colder countries for war. Today, however, shaggy rugs are mostly used to decorate floors. These shaggy rugs are exceptionally soft to touch and are cherished by connoisseurs of rugs.

Leather shaggy rugs also have an ancient history. Raw hide strips have been knotted onto a canvas background to create rugs of exceptional beauty and durability. Leather shaggy rugs today are available in a wide range of colours to suit the theme of décor and colour scheme of every house.

Shaggy rugs are also made of faux fur. Such rugs are cheaply available and are easy to maintain. For those who only want organic products, cotton shaggy rugs are the best choice. They are also inexpensive and are easy to keep clean and maintain. These shaggy rugs are available in a wide array of colours to suit the décor of any room in your house.

In addition to shaggy rugs, modern rugs such as large rugs, round rugs and kids rugs are hugely popular.

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